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V 1.1 - finished in 25.May.2011, by Alexandre Lobão -
  • Fixed demo level / Jumping boss code
  • Included game banner in main menu
  • Included escape sequence (Left CTRL + D) for starting demo level

V 1.0 - finished in 19.May.2011, by Alexandre Lobão -
  • Project log (this file) to track changes created
  • changed tile size (32 width x 16 height)
  • new fixed resolution (high, no more low-res): 640px x 400px (20 x 20 tiles + 80px high HUD)
  • created HUD showing lifes, health, game name and other game information
  • changed ALL graphics to match the new game (similar to Castle or Maze of Galious), including backgrounds and game icon
  • removed timed levels control
  • removed ZUNE game code
  • new MovingTile class, for moving platforms
  • arrows now stick to wood blocks; player can jump over them (like platforms)
  • new AnimatedItem class for animated items
  • new animated items: Candle and Torch with burning flames
  • new MultipleState class for items with multiple states
  • new multiple state items: Doors (opened / closed) and lever (turned on / off)
  • new feature: fire events when Items, AnimatedItems and MultipleStateItems are touched by player or arrows, to allow specific behaviours
  • new feature: lever can be triggered by player moving over it or by an arrow
  • new feature: if there is a lever in level, all moving platform remain stopped until the lever is on
  • new items: yellow, red, blue and green keys
  • new HUD showing collected keys for each color
  • doors will only open if the player has a key with its color, openning a door decrements the corresponding keys counter
  • new MAP object, new HUD with closed MAP, HUD shows open map when map is picked
  • multiple entrances / exist per level, created new Entrance tile and changed Exit tile,
  • included code in level file so each exit leads to a specific enter in the next level
  • changed code so exists can lead to back, forth, or any other level
  • new object: spring, which fire when player steps in and throw player up
  • new items behaviour, new file level format: now items which are not tiles do not create an item on Tiles object,
  • this allows us to create objects over tiles
  • new objects: Water surface (AnimatedItem) and water
  • new objects: three different types of terrain, each with surface, middle and botton variatons (see level 0 for example)
  • new level file format: now each level can load a different background
  • new object: background bricks
  • new player sprite / action: climbing (used on ladders)
  • new "debug mode" enabled on game options screen show bounding boxes and FPS
  • removed game setting for show level intros (although the code remains, so a programmer can still present it if needed)
  • removed game properties file use, it's not needed anymore
  • new feature: player moves, falls and jumps slower when under water
  • removed player need to press "space" before each level, so the game can run smoothly between levels
  • new tile type: transparent, show texture from tile below (fixed bug - stalactites (terrain bottom parts) now show water between stalactites when under water)
  • changed all code that deals with enemies to work with arrays, allowing more flexibility and less repeated coding.
  • now, one only need to create content with new enemy sprites and increment enemy quantity constants (numMonsters, numGhosts and numFlying) at ScreenManager class to create new enemies
  • removed "level editor" menu - we plan to get back to editor on version 3
  • new enemy type: Flying enemies (special behaviour: flying); new enemy created: bat
  • new enemy type: Ghost enemies (special behaviour: not afffected by arrows); new enemy created: Ghost 1
  • new climbing object: Ropes. Adjusted player code to fix bug when playing climbing animation
  • new levels created: level 2 (Ghost & platforms test) and 3 (ropes and bats test)
  • new "Demo Over" level created to wrap-up the demo
  • fixed bug that was preventing to create exits on ladders or ropes
  • new behaviour: player is tinted with blue and die after a while when underwater
  • new sounds: sound options menu sound, sword and arrow (diffent sounds for normal and underwater), spring
  • game background music, Player Killed, Player Jump, ghost killed, flying enemy killed, arrow hitting wood

Code base ("version 0") - XNA Platformer Starter Kit Expanded by LordKtulu -

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