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Project Description
Based on "XNA Platformer Starter Kit", but greatly modified to become a mix of games such as MSX's "Castle", "Castle Excelent" and "Maze of Galious".
Open source, all code avaliable is well organized and documented, being a great source for learning or for creating your own games.

This is a first, very stable, version of the project.

See Credits page for code, graphics and sounds credits.

Check out the Screenshots to see the progress of the current version.

Help needed:
  • Creating original graphics - game suport skins, so it's easy to include and test new graphics and sounds, with no programming required
  • Creating original sounds - skins also suport specific sound
  • Level creation - still no level editor - planned for version 3
  • Ideas - I have plenty of ideas to implement 'til version 5, but new ones are always welcome
  • Documentation - Level creation, Skin Creation, code main classes...
  • Tests - just play the game and fill in an "issue" to help us make the game better
  • Programming - Level Editor, pushing objects, and other features planned for version 3 can be done without any conflict with current work

Current Version: V 2.0 - finished in 05.July.2011, by Alexandre Lobão -
  • New object: Magic mirror, creates a clone of the player
  • New player property and behaviour: Cloned player can hurt and get hurted by enemies, but not jump on springs or moving platforms
  • New level: Magic mirror test
  • New feature: animated items can be collectable
  • New animated item: UpsideDown spell, makes screen goes upside down when collected
  • New level: upside down spell test, allow collecting oxygen to get underwater key on level 0
  • Many "Load" methods at Level class refactored to have more informative names
  • New HUD with new background, quantity for 4 keys, player lives, and 4 slots for special behaviour collectable items (Oxygen, Candle, and two to be defined)
  • New Health HUD: Health potion shows current player health
  • New special behaviour collectable item: Oxygen bottle, allows player to stay underwater for 45 seconds
  • New special behaviour collectable item: Candle, allows player to see in darkness (will be used in next version)
  • New door behaviour: Player image do not overlap door if doesn't have a key, door bug (only open from right direction) fixed
  • New multiple state item: collectable health potion
  • New HUD: remaining oxygen bar appears over the head of the player when underwater

Also: Check the features created on previous versions.

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